Wheel head

Specification of High Precision and High Durability of Wheel Head.
  • Drive unit adopt belt tension automatic adjustment system.
  • This system bring high accuracy result due to efficiently power conduction even though low rotary grinding speed condition.
  • And more, it make high durability cause of decreasing impractical load.
Wheel head
Greece lubrication type
Type Maximum rotation number
SH-GQ0 40,000(r.p.m.)
SH-GQ1 30,000(r.p.m.)
SH-GQ2 18,000(r.p.m.)
SH-GQ3 15,000(r.p.m.)
SH-GQ4 10,000(r.p.m.)
Flange type for large diameter material
F3-85×200 5,000(r.p.m.)
Wheel head selection list
How to check
  • Check material diameter in lowest point.
  • The optimum grinding wheel diameter that goes upward from there and crosses the abscissa of the wheel head diameter.
  • Use the diagonal wheel head model which crossed vertically.
  • In addition, optional setting rotation can change up to red character model.
Wheel head
Slitting operation handle

We can provide flange type wheel head for large diameter material.

Please feel free ask us for high speed wheel head with oil mist unit.