Reconstruct & Customized by YAMADA KOKI to make your machine like brand new.
It’s totally different from ordinary overhaul!
Details 1:Disassembling and cleaning. 2.Change all consumable parts to new parts. 3.Grinding all parts such as table surface. 4.Repairing broken parts. 5.Change old electric system to brand new with client agreement.
All accuracy will be adjusted and assembled the same as new machine.

* Before Reconstruction
Bed Grinding and Fitting
Carriage Grinding and Fitting
Wheel Head Table Grinding and Fitting
Work Head(Chucking Head) Change consumable parts.
Dressing unit Change consumable parts.
Hydraulic tank Change consumable parts.
Hydraulic oil radiator Disassembling and Cleaning
Coolant tank unit Disassembling and Cleaning
Others Change old parts to new parts.
* After Grinding bed
* After grinding carriage
* Reconstruction and Piping process
Why Reconstruction & Customize?
  • We reconstruct and customize your old internal grinding machine. That service will make your machine external like brand new and updated for increase productivity. Restoration circularity within 0.3-0.4μm Re-painting all unit. 1 year Manufacturer's warranty
  • We would like to offer installation option in Reconstruction & Customized service. Various option unit available for increasing productivity. We highly recommend option unit installation in Reconstruct & Customized service. Many of our customer installed option unit together with Reconstruct & Customized service.
  • Your old machine will be like brand new for suitable long term usage.
YIG-20-MSA・F Special specification type. Digital Position setting for dressing process and setting switch board right side.