Various options

Various options

Meeting various needs for increasing productivity!
*these option service will be provide for new machine or reconstruction & customized service only.
Digital Position setting for dressing process.
Setting dressing position with 1μm of precision and simple button operation.

For setting, you have to set by manual after measurement grinding dimension.
Only professional craftsmen possible to set it.
You don’t need to be professional after install this option. e.g: Setting 11μm. 1.Press “+10μm button”, 2. Press “+1μm button”. Setting of dressing positon can be easy for every one.

Digital direct reading system for Work Head Turing Degree
Easy to grinding Taper hole

YAMADA KOKI Original R-Scale make work shaft turn in collect degree. It will adjust with male gauge.
Providing 95% fit ratio in test taper grinding.

Worm stopper for edge surface grinding
Useful for edge surface grinding

YAMADA KOKI’s internal grinding machine provide edge surface grinding process, which may internal grinding machine cause the wheel head possible to touch side surface.
Operate carefully with table stopper handle for slitting process. If worm stopper and scale is installed, operation slitting process easily.

Edge surface grinding unit
Only one chucking motion provide high precision squareness in Grinding Process.

After internal grinding process, keep material with same setting, just operating edge surface grinding unit with lever. Then Edge surface grinding process will be started.
Position of squareness can be kept cause of edge surface grinding unit swings with work head. It bring edge surface fine twill line pettern.

Wheel Head inverter
Simple adjustment for rotation speed with knob and rotation diameter.

Possible to find best rotation speed with processing sounds and adjust it with knob.
Simple adjustment for every one.