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Special Specification

Type : YIG-20-MSA

Internal Grinding Machine: Automatic Sizing System type

This model has automatic sizing system based on type M as below. It is suitable for models for small quantities production and mass-production.

Special Specification

Type : YIG-20-M

Internal Grinding Machine: Semi Automatic Sizing System type

This model is general purpose type. It is larger than SA type, therefore it is suitable for machines of gage, jig and tools.
Model for jig and tools machining factory and grinding machining maker.

Type : YIG-15-SA

Internal Grinding Machine

Model for mass production machinery such as car parts, auto bike parts and electrical parts. Single operator possible to use multiple machines.

Various Options

There are some useful options. Setting dressing position with 1μm of precision. Digital direct reading system for Work Head Turing Degree

Reconstruct & Customize

Reconstruct & Customized with the same process as a new machine. All accuracy will be adjusted and assembled as good as a new machine

Wheel Head

High Precision and High Durability of Work Head and Wheel Head are available.
Please check wheel head selection list.

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